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Integral system to care for and redefine our corporality

"Revolution originates from our bodies"


     Organic Sexuality is an integral vision of corporality and a learning process for our global development.

     It's based on Tantric philosophy and practices, Taoism and one’s own vital experience. Organic comes from organism, and it means “natural”, which is in harmony with nature. Something organic has life and it’s made to create life.


     When we talk about sexuality, we talk about the origin of our physical life, of our physical part. Then, Organic Sexuality is healthy and it consciously transforms into a beautiful way to express personal growth through the body.

    It’s a perspective based on a variety knowledge: Active Meditation, Trascendental Taoist Sexuality, Cycle Yoga and ancestral feminine movements.

    With the support of these practices we recover this connection with the wisdom of our body, of the most physical part, as well as with emotions and intuition.

   We discover personal resources which can be used to detach ourselves from various paradigms of the mind. This helps release physical, emotional and mental blocks.

      Organic Sexuality is a system which integrate and develop these practices based on the body. The conviction of this method is that through caring for and redefining sexuality, we experience a real transformation.

      At this time, it’s really important to reconnect with our reproductive organs, our femininity or masculinity,  how to integrate these qualities and redefine sexuality to heal us.

     Organic Sexuality is an evolutionary process which teaches us to take care of our sexuality and corporality.

   In our body we can find truths without the beliefs, illusions or traps of the mind. It is a beautiful and exciting road to self-rediscovery through our bodies, female and male potential and the pleasure of life.

Active Meditation
Cycle Yoga
Transcendental Taoist Sexuality
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