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Integral process to care for and redefine our feminine corporeality


         The vagina, the ovaries, the uterus and the breasts are the parts of the female anatomy with the highest energetic potential in the whole body. At the same time, these are the most unknown spaces, full of taboos and repression of our body. Many blockages and diseases found in the body come from belief and introjections defined by our race, values and where we live. Each culture has a different conception of sexual energy and what it means to be a woman.


         In the end, our socialization process marks and determines our bodies physically. Embodiment is the sociological and anthropological term to describe it: how all the imprints we receive transform our body.

         After centuries of patriarchy, and living in Western society, the most devastating effect has been on female    qualities which have been completely devalued, and the uterus which has been contracted and changed to the point where most women have never experienced a cervical-uterine orgasm, the most physical woman pleasure. And experience contractions and pain during menstruation or in childbirth. The aim is to be healthy but is not possible at all because only in a recognized body full of pleasure there is no pain.


         This ignorance and disconnection from our own body distances us away of own personal strength and what it means to live in a cyclic body, with constant hormonal changes, receiver, absolutely penetrable, able to create, to transform and give life. It’s so important to reconnect with our reproductive organs, our female qualities, integrate our masculinity and redefine sexuality to heal us.


         With the support of different practices (Cycle Yoga, Active Meditation, Ovarian Breathing Female Alchemy,Transcendental Taoist Sexuality and Ancestral Dances practices) we recover this connection with the wisdom of our body, of the most physical part, as well as with emotions and intuition. We discover personal resources which can be used detach ourselves from various paradigms of the mind to heal our bodies. This helps release physical, emotional, mental blocks and everything preventing us from awakening the creative sexual energy living inside us.


         Rediscovering pleasure, multiorgasmic capacity and female ejaculation we heal and redefine our bodies, sexuality, sensuality and fertility. We improve self-knowledge  through intimate and deeper contact with ourselves, developing a healthy ego, balance and the confidence that we are our own medicine.


         Organic Sexuality is healthy, conscious and evolutionary; a process of personal transformation from the body. It is a beautiful and exciting road to self-rediscovery through our bodies, female potential and our pleasure.

         It’s  also a way to prevent and treat illnesses and conditions to do with sexuality (infertility, abortions, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, myomas, incontinence, uterus detachment, painful menstruation, amenorrhea, migraines with the hormonal changes, anaemia, frigidity, anorgasmia, ...)


The main objectives of the method tailored for women are:


  • REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH (vagina, uterus, ovaries and breasts)


     The prevention and treatment of all the imbalances and illnesses which have their origins in our sexuality:  infertility, abortions, polycystic ovaries, myomas, endometriosis, anorgasmia, sexual traumas, ...


  • PLEASURE (recovery of the female orgasm and painless birthings)


    Rehabilitation of the spastic uterus (with contractions) to experience multi-orgasms, female ejaculation and the ability to give birth painlessly.


  • CONSCIOUS FEMININITY (connection with our cyclic nature and the female body qualities).


     For real equality between the sexes through the knowledge and recognition of the difference.

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