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Ancient Taoist practices to cultivate our sexual energy for an integral health

      Taoist Master, Mantak Chia, share his knowledge to awaken, reconnect and deepen the sacred sources of feminine and masculine healing power with the ancient Taoist arts of vital energy cultivation. Experience a sensorial voyage of inner transformation, through practice that bring hormonal, emotional and spiritual balance and rejuvenation.


      Taoist Sexual Health offer practical advice and instruction regarding reproductive organs, sexual energy, healthy sexual attitudes, and exercises for attaining radiant health.Women can learn how to cultivate, refine, circulate and store reproductive energy through reconnectinging menstruation, uterus pulse and the power healthy of multiorgasm. And the men teach Taoist techniques to cultivate, refine, circulate, and store their sexual energy through controlling ejaculation

     As the mind, body and breath align in the primordial energy centers of the body, inner awareness and healing emerge through cycles of movement, grounding and centering, alternating breath, dynamic energy work, deep rest, stretching, self-massage, emotional detoxification and energy meditation.

    The primary teachings came available for all interested in radiant health and improving their sexlife, both physically and mentally to take care and responsibility for our energetic sexual self:

   -  Increase our energy and vigor

   -  Use the sexual energy to boost your health

   -  keep the sexual organs healthy

   -  Exercice the prostate gland (men) and vaginal muscles and pelvic floor (women)

   -  Experience multiple orgasms

   -  Feel more pleasure and became a better lover.




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