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    CYCLE YOGA     

Practicing with the rithm of the sun and the moon

       The Cycle Yoga born from the need to reconnect deeply with feminine energy. It is a variant of Hata Yoga which focus especially in this essential part.


       Yoga means “Union”, “Ha” means “sun” and “Tha” means “moon”. Then, Hata Yoga is the union of the opposites for fullness and balance; a philosophic and scientific method for self-knowledge which begins in the body. It uses corporality like a vehicle for realization and Hata Yoga is the training to prepare this vehicle.


        Hata Yoga practice brings us strength but also lightness. It combines expansion with the exteriorization, it fills us with energy at the same time that it calms us; it balances our masculine and feminine aspects, exercise with the stillness, right hemisphere of the brain with left, reinstates the connection between the mind and the body and balances the excesses and deficiències of each xakra.


       But in the point where find us, after centuries of global disequilibrium, where it has prioritised the masculine qualities (action, strength, reason and to do, to have, to go) and undervalued the feminine (stillness, flexibility, intuition and to give up, to empty, to release), men and women, our societies are hipermasculinized. It is now essential to wake up our feminine energy, feel it in our male and female bodies, to go out this polarity that it makes us sick.


       We could say that Cycle Yoga is a lunar Yoga as it grows especially Tamas (Inertia state) and Ida Nadi (the Lunar Channel or Chandra Nadi). This part is in charge of:

-  the operation of the nervous system parasimpàtic

-  to cool

-  Is the brake of organism

-  regulates the internal processes

-  subconscious mind


       Ida Nadi is situated at the side left of the body and connected to right hemisphere of brain which is of the responsible for: the intuition, the creativity, the artistic sensitivity, ...


        Insisting in this aspect of our being and feeling the inertia, the flow, the letting go, the die; experiencing it physically, we really learn to cycle and we move from one to the other without election, flowing like nature

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