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       Anna Herms is a Yoga and Meditation teacher, a woman, mother and a human in the process of growing.


       Studying Sociology, Anna Herms got in touch with spiritual practices through oriental dances with Devorah Korek and meditative dances with Myriam Szabo.

     At 25 years old, she began teaching oriental woman dances, body awareness and feminity.


       Ten years ago, her passion for yoga as a personal practice led her to perform the training of Hata Yoga with her teacher Rosa Ma Marcos, initiated by André Van Lysebeth.

       She specialized in Feminity Yoga, creating her own method to reconnect us with our cyclical nature, with CycleYoga.


       With this background and the urge to go deeper, she received knowledge of  Transcendental Taoist Sexuality with José Toirán, instructed by Mantak Chia.

 Certified in Ovarian Breathing Female Alchemy, she shares this method of healing and personal transformation created by Sajeeva Hurtado.


       Organic Sexuality is her personal vision of corporality based on Tantric philosophy, Taoism and one’s own vital experience.

 It is the system that integrates and develops these experience fruit of a 20 years of practicing, teaching and learning. 


        A beautiful and real way of personal growth from the body.

"When the gift crosses our body it becomes real" 
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